Best Tenor Ukulele Reviews – Top 5 in the Market for 2019

Finding the best tenor ukulele can be challenging, especially if you are a novice and lack the basic knowledge. For starters, a tenor ukulele is for those people who have a larger physique. The bigger size of the tenor ukulele makes it easier for big people to comfortably hold and play it. Secondly, it offers a richer tone than smaller sized ukuleles, which also gives it an edge over other sizes.

For assisting you in finding the best tenor ukulele, I personally tried several popular models available on the market. Of all the ones I tried, I found 5 of them to be superior to the rest others. Read below my tenor ukulele reviews and pick the one that best fits your requirements.

1. Hricane UKS-3 Tenor Ukulele – Professional

Hricane Tenor Ukulele
My first pick for the best tenor ukulele is by Hricane. What sparked my interest in this model was its nominal price. Seriously! You won’t believe how inexpensive this guitar is. But the great thing is that it is almost as good as any other professional level guitar.

The model is entirely made of Sapele wood that contributes to the richness and vibrancy of the sound it produces. The rosewood built fingerboard and advanced nylon strings enable you to play it comfortably. Whereas, the chrome coated style tuners allow you to always keep your instrument in sync.

The model is quite durable, well-built, and well sounding for its price. Plus, it has a 30-day refund policy and 1-year guarantee that makes it a total winner for me.
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2. Lohanu Tenor Ukulele Bundle

Ukulele Tenor Size Bundle From Lohanu

This model by Lohanu is a pretty efficient mix of affordability and quality. I really like the tone of this guitar due to the warmth and intensity it has to offer. The music that comes out of this tool is nothing short of an audible treat. This is what makes it an excellent choice for professional musicians.

To ensure that the Uke produces a chock-full sound with an extended sustain, it comes with a curved back. The sound range of the model is loud and wide enough to be easily heard in a large group of people. It is almost as good as any other high-end ukulele, which makes it a total bang for the buck.

Like my all other choices, the design of this guitar is also admirable. With a Mahogany/Sapele construction and a rosewood fingerboard, this model is simply adorable. The strings used in this model are Aquila, which are quite popular as the best ukulele strings.

Lastly, this model is quite durable and sturdy enough to endure a long-term use. Plus, to ensure your money is safe, it comes with a service contract for life.
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3. Cordoba 20TM- Tenor Ukulele

 Cordoba 20TM- Tenor UkuleleMy next pick for the best tenor ukulele reviews is 20TM by Cordoba Guitars. First of all, this model is fairly affordable than my previous two picks. Yet, its performance is exemplary. It comes with a firm mahogany construction on its upper part, borders, and rear. The bridge and fingerboard of this model are made of natural rosewood.

What I like about this model is that it doesn’t come with any flashy attachments or ornate enamels. Just an original satin gloss that makes it a total treat for your eyes. Unlike some low-grade guitars, the neck of this guitar uses a single piece of wood. This makes it pretty durable.

Coming towards the sound of this model, I’ll just say one word about it, BRILLIANT. It features a very vibrant and warm tone with an impressive sustenance. The volume is also perfect, neither too high nor too low, just the way I like.

The sweet sounding and resilient guitar is surely intended to please both novices and music enthusiasts alike.
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4. Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele

Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele
Another great option is the tenor sized ukulele by Fender. In case you don’t know, Fender is one of the most popular tenor ukulele brands on the market. So rest assured, this model will not disappoint you with its stellar performance.

The model comes in 4 beautiful colors to choose from, that include blue, cherry, black, and natural. It’s hard to say which color looks better because all of them are gorgeous. The model sports a full Koa wood construction. Its bound top & back and fingerboard feature Abalone shell, which gives it a pretty unique and interesting design.

The model isn’t just known for its beauty, its performance is just as awesome. With a no tie bridge and antique style tuners, the guitar produces a highly soothing and deep tone. From sound to volume to sustenance to resonance, everything is impeccably balanced.

For me, it definitely meets all the standards of the best tenor ukelele. So, my recommendation is to surely go for it.

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5. Kala KA-KTG Tenor Hawaiian Ukulele – Koa Gloss

Kala KA-KTG Tenor Hawaiian Ukulele

My last pick for the best Tenor ukulele is the KA-KTG. It is a make of Kala, which is a pretty renowned name in tenor ukulele brands. This premium grade guitar is simply gorgeous. The top, rear, and sides of the instrument feature hand-picked Hawaiian Koa construction. Plus, the glossy finish really gives it an aesthetic appeal.

I love the sound of this instrument and I am utterly sure that you will love it too. The richness and depth of the classic ukelele tone can be strongly felt in this model. If you like strings and already own some, you’ll definitely love the addition of KA-KTG in your collection.

For kicking your music game up a notch, I’d recommend you use it for layering in your soundtracks over acoustic guitars. This would add a whole new dimension to your recordings.

Whether you are a skilled or an amateur, this is the best tenor ukulele you can get your hands on.

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Overview of the Best Tenor Ukuleles

Before you set out to purchase a ukulele, it is essential to do a little research. Why? Because it helps you find the latest models that are price efficient, durable, and better performing.

If you are a beginner level player, I’d recommend you begin with a cheaper ukulele. Then, slightly make your way up to the expensive brands once you have enough experience.

Likewise, if you are an experienced player, you can buy an expensive one right away. But, a low-priced one will also do for you. It all depends on your choice and preferences actually. So, be clear about them and everything will be a pushover.

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